Routines at Creche

Daily Routines

Party Lunchboxes ready at the Campus Creche

No two Creche days are ever exactly the same.

Creche has a philosophical belief that children are able to follow their individual rhythms concerning eating and sleeping. This enables children to have many opportunities to participate in sustained play.

Morning and afternoon teas are available for a specific length of time and children are invited to eat when it suits them within this timeframe.

In each centre there are variations with the routines for nappy changing, lunch and sleep times. All centres try hard to accommodate individual children and staff support the children and parents through these processes. As children become older the staff support them as they gain the confidence and skills of becoming more independent.

Watch for notices in each of the Creche centres which will give details about specific programmes, upcoming events or just keeping in touch.

Toileting and Handwashing

Routine times are encouraged regularly throughout the day to encourage good habits and independence.

Rest Time

In each centre there is an individual routine for children resting. Give staff any special requirements your child may have.


Creche provides morning and afternoon tea. These usually include sandwiches, fresh fruit, crackers, fresh home baking, slices, loaves, biscuits and always fresh cold water is available to drink. Sometimes in winter milo is provided. Parents must provide lunch if their child is going to be at Creche at 11.45 am (11.30 am in the Nursery, Teenies and Poppets). Lunches should be in a named container.

We do not encourage sweets and we suggest you provide a small variety of foods each day, eg. fruit, sandwiches, yoghurt etc. Staff can assist with further ideas. Creche has resources available to parents to assist in establishing healthy eating habits.

Staff are always available to assist with feeding, eg. spooning yoghurt or chopping up fruit but they cannot be expected to "force feed" reluctant eaters.

Microwave ovens are available to heat food.