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Our Centres:

Hillcrest site:

Nestled in the University of Waikato Hillcrest campus, our Hillcrest site offers enormous play spaces that offer natural, park-like grounds. Hillcrest has four individual centres that cater for different age groups. Children transition between centres in consultation with parents when they are developmentally ready.

  • Whekii 3-18 months

  • Koowhai 15 months – 2 ½ years

  • Maire 2 ¼ - 3 ¾ years

  • Kauri 3 ½ - 6 years

Fraser site:

Situated next to He Puaawai on the Fraser High School campus, Campus Creche at Fraser offers a space for tamariki from birth to 6 years. There are separate rooms for children under and over two years, but a lot of the time, the tamariki are able to mix and learn from each other in culturally responsive ways.

Holiday Programme:

Based at Hillcrest Normal Primary School’s hall, our Holiday programme caters to school-aged tamariki up to twelve years old. Our staff provide a range of excursions and activities to support children’s creativity and experiential learning.